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Adderall is a nervous system stimulant and is one of the more commonly prescribed stimulants considered as a primary therapy for treating ADHD. Adderall is also used for treating narcolepsy (intense sleepiness). The length of time between doses and the impact of this drug depends upon the individual and the medical condition. (Adderall 30 mg, Adderall 20 mg, Adderall 10mg) Adderall stimulates the brain and nervous system, causing messages in the body to move faster to the mind and increased the responsiveness of the human body. Amphetamine is the active material in Adderall. The physical and psychological effects of the substance include enhanced ability to concentrate, improve endurance, increased heart rate and breathing, and a heightened sense of capability. Due to these effects, Amphetamine present in Adderall can help those individuals that have (ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Narcolepsy (sleeping disease). Adderall is among the prescription medications that are used by the patients who are suffering from hyperactivity disorder and other related diseases like narcolepsy.

What is the effect of combination of Adderall and Alcohol on an individual?

Because of Overall understanding of alcohol as Stimulant or Depressant and Adderall as a stimulant, some people might believe that using alcohol and Adderall together is fine because the action of substances could cancel each other. This is a misconception based on less understanding of how Adderall and alcohol can affect physical and mental system when both used together. The combined action of alcohol and Adderall can amplify the negative effects that both of them have on the body, especially on the heart. The sensation of sedative effects might be diminished by taking Adderall while drinking an alcoholic drink. This could make a person drink a certain amount of alcohol without feeling as affected, and this may cause adverse problems that the person might not expect. When Adderall is used for the short term and according to the prescription given by a professional doctor or pharmacist, it's the positive effects of encountering the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It effects by increasing the availability of certain neurotransmitter like dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These brain chemicals boost alertness, energy levels, and focus of the individual.

How to use the medication of Adderall?

Doctors usually begin the dose of Adderall using a low dose and increase the amount slowly, only if desired. The doses of Adderall are individualized and will depend on the reason why the patient is taking this medicine, and the patient's reaction to the medication. A normal dose of Adderall for an adult with sleeping problems (narcolepsy) may start at 5 mg and grow to 60mg accordingly. The doses of Adderall can be taken with or without meals, but when it makes an upset stomach than its better to take the doses of Adderall after or with meals. Adderall taken in the day can lead to lack of sleep. Because of the addictive nature of Adderall, it may overdose oftentimes. Any overdose of Adderall can serious symptoms and may become more acute if overdosed several times. Taking alcohol together with the dose of Adderall may also lead to an overdose. Don't stop the drug suddenly. Preventing or bypassing the doses of Adderall can cause severe depression, extreme tiredness, and many other Adderall withdrawal symptoms. Adderall is dangerous to take when pregnant. Check with a professional doctor or pharmacist before taking Adderall if you're pregnant.

Is Adderall is dangerous for health?

Yes, Adderall is dangerous for your health if you are using its medication from long term or if you abuse it. The medication of Adderall on long term causes many side effects to your health include acute to chronic. This drug can cause damage to your heart and cardiovascular system on using prolonged period. The most common ADHD medication high blood pressure problems are reported. The stimulants present in the Adderall can make your blood vessels constrict and raises your blood pressure which makes your heart beat faster but in some cases it can cause further interference with your blood pressure. The other side effects include tachycardia can be said as irregular heart rate due to brain and the body. The drug Adderall has tendency to get addicted easily because of its high potential this is the reason it can be considered as “dangerous” as but less than heroine and more than valium.

Is Adderall hard on your kidneys?

The drug Adderall contains methamphetamine and amphetamines they are associated with “rhabdomyolysis” means a breakdown of muscle tissue that floods the kidneys with toxins from which the kidneys are often unable to deal with these toxins and get shut down or sometimes get damaged. There is a major link between Adderall and the kidneys function as well it is not a only organ can be affected by the Adderall use but particularly over the long term medication. When a person suffers from rhabdomyolysis, this can cause not only the kidney damage but also kidney failure.

Is Adderall not good for your brain?

As everyone knew that brain is the most important part of the body and it is the part which controls our whole body. Adderall is the most addictive and can be said as dangerous drug or if it gets to the brain it mimics the action of the neurotransmitters. It is an stimulant drug originally created for the children and the adults who are suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hypertension disorder). This drug acts on the dopamine centers of the brain and maintains the attention span and helps in bringing the focus.

Is medication of Adderall makes you depressed?

Adderall directly works on the brain and creates rewarding feeling of euphoria, it is going popular on the name of recreational drug. Once the initial positive effects have won off then Adderall abuse can produce many unwanted symptoms which include fatigue, lethargy and feeling of depression. Adderall also causes mood swings as well, according to the studies 9 percent of patients receiving emotional liability can be said as mood swings.

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